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Transferred! - [2003-08-16] This blog has been turfed!

- [2003-08-14]

The Question of Race - [2003-08-13] Now, if we were really all equal...

More Career Options - [2003-08-10] Trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.

No Escape for the Damned - [2003-08-10] Movie night. Of course, we can't escape medicine. There is no rest for the damned.

Abdominal Pain/Discomfort - [2003-08-07] I forgot one of the cardinal rules about abdominal pain/discomfort in a woman of child-bearing age.

Science Fiction - [2003-08-06] To infinity and beyond!

Condolences - [2003-07-29] A moment.

Informed Consent? - [2003-07-24] Hey, you're technically not lying.

Wheeler's Conjecture Applied to Physicians - [2003-07-23] It's all been said or done. What a post-modern world.

Medical Terminology in Mainstream Culture - [2003-07-21] Sometimes you really don't need to dumb things down when talking to patients.

they can't hurt you if they don't know who you are - [2003-07-17] from the other side of the glass. now that i'm running with internists, those surgical-type folk can just kiss my ass.

Technical Terms Omitted from Medical Dictionaries - Part II - [2003-07-16] Remember to speak to your patients colloquially.

At Least I Won't Die of Prostate Cancer - [2003-07-16] You may go blind and grow hairy palms, but at least you'll still be able to pee, and you won't need to get TURPed.

Holier Than Thou - [2003-07-15] You'd better not be in it for the money.

Technical Terms Omitted from Medical Dictionaries - Part I - [2003-07-09] You probably won't find these in a textbook

M4 - [2003-07-07] Maybe I'm a black cloud after all?

The Wanderings of an Insomniac - [2003-07-04] It's all fucked up.

On the Verge of Insanity - [2003-06-30] Ah. It feels so good to vent.

Doctors are the Worst Patients - [2003-06-25] Isn't it weird when you're relieved that they actually found something?

I Can Relate - [2003-06-25] Why surgery is not for me.

Back From the Dead - [2003-06-22] This blog isn't dead quite yet.

Umi Says... - [2003-05-24] Residents know how to disappear.

Those Damn Catholics - [2003-05-08] Yes Holy Father, we still respect you.

Overheard - [2003-05-01] Everything is out of control.

Sir Edmund Hillary Syndrome - [2003-04-19] Some reasons are better than others.

- [2003-04-10]

More Randomness - [2003-04-10] Rules, rules, rules.

Succumbing to Evil - [2003-04-10] He who fights monsters should be careful lest he thereby becomes a monster. And if thou gaze long into the abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee  Nietzsche

Flight of Ideas - Episode II - [2003-03-27] More sophistry and soap-boxing.

rules and hierarchy - [2003-03-23] to reiterate, just because this is the way it has always been doesn't make it right. but just because it isn't right doesn't mean that this isn't the way it is.

post-call flight of ideas - [2003-03-22] various odds and ends

racism in the wards - [2003-03-22] we live in a multicultural society. learn to accept it.

Overheard - [2003-03-19] Random chitter-chatter during rounds.

How to Deal with Evil (Intern Rule #8: They Can Always Hurt You More) - [2003-03-19] Sorry. No current treatment available. Everything I say is only palliative.

who is the evil resident? - [2003-03-16] be afraid. be very afraid.

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