Outbound on the Edens

Tue Jun 17 2003 10:59PM -0600

It's great how a quick trip back home can radically change your perspective. In all reality, the situation has not changed, but who cares? I'm outta here. At least for two weeks.

On the other hand, I am royally screwed, as I have become somewhat dependent on certain people. When will I ever learn? God help me.

And there's a lot of shit I've got to take care of before this year is all over. The ever ticking clock indeed.

Of course, I may be just on the upswing in this particular bipolar cycle. A week from now I could just start crashing. Get me some lithium, stat!

I'm so happy 'cause today i found my friends

They're in my head

-- from "Lithium" by Nirvana

No, I don't have time to write a real blog entry. This will just have to do. (And despite my new-found optimism, I must say, the past few days have been rather ambivalent. Yep, it could all just turn to shit in the end. But whatcha gonna do? Gotta ride this train out to its final stop no matter what.)

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