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Books on Alibata

These are a brief list of some books that contain information about alibata. They vary greatly in terms of breadth and depth. Some only mention the writing system in passing. Others are completely dedicated to alibata.

Barrows, David P. History of the Philippines. (New York: World Book, 1924) 69.

Diringer, David. The Alphabet: A Key to the History of Mankind. (New York: 1948) 434.

de Leon, Bayani Mendoza. Baybayin: The Ancient Script of the Philippines. A Concise Manual. (Paramus, NJ:Bycynthuym Treasures, 1992) 31-44

Francisco, Juan R. Philippine Palaeography. (Quezon City:Linguistic Society of the Philippines, 1973) 22

Frei, Ernest J. The Historical Development of the Philippine National Language. (Manila: Bureau of Printing, 1959) 6-7.

Scott, William Henry. Prehispanic Source Materials: For the Study of Philippine History. (Quezon City:New Day Publishers, 1984) 58.

Currently, this list only contains the books which I referenced in my paper. Please feel free to suggest additional titles. or leave a message.

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