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This page was created with the help and inspiration of...

...Nancy Pangilinan, who (among other things) introduced me to alibata by showing me an old textbook with a short description of the writing and a table displaying the different glyphs

...Joselito Sering, who did a presentation on alibata for PASOC 1994-95

...Barbara Reyes, who took the time to draw out the glyphs for me while we hung out at Wall Berlin (and who encouraged me to just keep writing, damn it!)

...Eugene Ramirez, my partner-in-crime in many legendary exploits, including the times we tried to teach others about this script (however imperfectly--never write an article after going to La Val's on a Thursday night. I still can't figure out how we came up with 13...)

...the artists of the GNOME Project, whose icons I stole for the navigation bar for this site. Please be patient with me, I'm working on making my own!

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