The Eternal Seesaw

Wed Aug 06 2003 06:54AM -0600

So now that I've got a bit of good news (thereby limiting the extent of my own personal purgatoryâ€â€I might actually be able to start my rotation next week), I don't feel so fucked up and depressed. Amazing. All it takes is for one small thing to fall into place. Something that shouldn't even have been a problem, really.

Which, now, however, means that I have a lot to get done in the remaining three days of this week. I need to make a list. How can I learn to be organized?

In any case, now I have a better sense of purpose. It's OK that no one loves me. OK, I know better than to say that. It's just that no one loves me in That Wayâ„¢

We can't have it all, can we? And yet: sometimes I feel like I ask so little from life, and I can't even get that. C'est la vie. I'll try to not feel too sorry for myself.

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