Betrayal and Other Games We Play

Sat Jul 26 2003 01:53AM -0600

Such a classic moment. I am awed by the sense of humor of the universe.

Of course, I'm a little skittish, as always, revealing information that is somewhat restricted. When it comes to my own mental disarray, I'm happy to share, but what I have to say may very well have implications on other people's lives, emotionally speaking.

So I will leave it at that.

But, can I just tell you, dude, men are dogs. It's awesome. I don't know whether to bow down or to laugh.

Such needless suffering. It's so heart-rending that it's hilarious.

My misery in May and June could have easily been obviated if I had only knownwhat was what.

Such is life.

Timing is everything.

Dude. This is totally absurd.

Of course, not only does this make the pathos I've been experiencing for the past couple of months completely meaningless, it now puts me in an extremely precarious position with the things that I have said and done (or not said or not done.)

Oh well. At least I didn't make any promises. Or had any promises made to me. Hah.

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