Inanity (Circumferential Thoughts)

Wed Jul 16 2003 08:00PM -0600

Oh, don't you love those blog entries that just narrate the stupid little things the author did today? It's so... lame. Oh well, whatever, I'm doing it anyways.

I have a 15 minute presentation to make tomorrow, and, true to form, I have yet to start (I have just reached T-12 hours and counting)

Instead, I went downtown today to look at digital cameras at the new Apple Store on Michigan Ave. No, I haven't given into my worst impulses. Yet. (I am coveting the new Canon Powershot S400.)

But on the way, I got derailed by having to urinate. (What's a blog entry without a few bodily functions here and there?) This landed me at the Borders on State Street, where I eventually ended up buying A Chain of Chance and Memoirs of a Space Traveler, both by Stanislaw Lem (the author of Solaris which became that movie that George Clooney was in which I never saw.) Then I hopped over to Jamba Juice before finally making it to my intended destination.

Walking home from the CTA stop, I was again seized by that fantasy that I may very well be able to survive here in Chicago. Despite me earlier today having bitched and moaned to my attending about how utterly horrible the weather is here. Hah.

A Simpsons Moment

Of course, I watched The Simpsons episode today where Lisa converts to Buddhism, and Richard Gere spouts the precept that "All suffering comes from desire," which, to an extent, I have accepted as true. Hence, the Art of Not Wanting. But, I realized, that to want to not want is still to desire. Desire is that which is not, i.e., future tense, or, more often than not, subjunctive mood. So, now what? I guess enlightenment, much like love, isn't something that you can force. I guess it's just supposed to happen. Hah

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