Jesus, What A Mind Job

Fri Jul 11 2003 04:52PM -0600

So, for some reason, A and E decide to interrogate me about my current madness, and, of course, now I can't get it out of my head. But it is amazing how I continue to let myself be mentally and emotionally tortured by someone who, despite me telling her, does not seem to believe she is mentally and emotionally torturing me. I was going to narrate it all, but perhaps that would be too revealing, and I truly have no idea who might be reading this drek. So, once more, my vagueness will have to suffice.

No. Really. It is not as bad as that. At least not any more. Thank God for the inverse square law, and the attenuating effect of time and distance, I suppose.

Maybe it is because it is summertime at last, and, although here in Chicagoland, the sun is not exactly shining, for once, the weather inside of me is less turbulent that the weather outside.

Everything is gonna be all right. (If you don't have any expectations, you can't be disappointed.)

So the wager I want to make is this: how long until I forget everything I have learned yet again, and let the madness take hold of me?

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