To Live and Die in Chicago

Sat Jul 05 2003 11:17PM -0600

So now that I'm here, I actually feel a lot better about it. I'm still a little anxious about getting my shit taken care of, but the restless craziness in my soul has calmed down a bit. The advantage of thousands of miles distance, I suppose.

What is it about the summer that has always (even before I learned of N's hatred of summer) made me anti-social?

I did manage to finish Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix during my eight hour sojourn (including a transfer in Houstan.) I found one of the subplots interesting only in so much with regards to its mundanity and applicability to the lives of teenagers (and apparently grown-men who went to Catholic all-boys high schools.) I will leave it at that, but yeah, this is a children's book, so I don't mean to imply anything perverse.

My mind is still scattered, though. I think it's time to give up trying to make sense for today.


But the 4th of July was pretty OK, concentrating on simple pleasures. Like getting trashed and blowing things up. As usual (last year being the most recent anomaly), I spent most of the day at my uncle's house in Harbor City. We brought a bottle of Courvoisier VS, which thoroughly consumed. Me and my brother also drove to nearby Carson and picked up a $40 package of fireworks entitled "The Night Thriller" which has been thus far the most impressive package of non-airborn fireworks that we have personally exploded. (Because nothing will probably ever top the 100 bottle rockets that we bought for $10 in Laoag for New Years 1999)

Driving on the 110 was also an adventure, particularly on the elevated carpool lane, since everyone seemed to be shooting things up into the air. It was quite an impressive show.

Thanks to the Courvoisier and to the Stoli that one of my uncles brought, I didn't really have to think about how this country is going to shit because of the neo-cons. But enough politics.

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