Sail On, Sail On

Sat Jul 05 2003 06:08AM -0800

So I'm off.

There is a stirring within my heart that makes me want to write everything that has been going on in my mind, but, right now, I will choose to ignore it.

Instead, I will narrate the mundane events that interrupted my sleep.

At around 3am, I hear my dog Angel whining continuously. Now, I really think that he was psychologically traumatized when he was a puppy, mostly by the fact that he was probably separated from his mother at a too-early age, but also because my sister, who was his nominal caretaker, didn't do much care-taking. So I figure he is just expressing his emotionally needy self. Except now I can't sleep.

At around 3:15am, I head downstairs to see what his problem is, and I find him trapped behind some 5-gallon bottles of water, the air conditioning unit, and two walls. God knows how he got there, and if he got there, I don't know why he couldn't get himself out. But as soon as I pulled aside the 5-gallon bottles, he made a beeline for the inside of the house and refused to go back outside.

After a few minutes cajoling and threatening, I gave up, and let him come upstairs. I called upon my brother to see if he could help me get the dog out of the house, but he was half-comatose, and Angel proceeded to jump onto his bed. Eventually we convinced the dog to come with me, and I fell asleep in the guest bedroom.

I set my alarm for 5am this morning, because I am ultra-paranoid about getting my shit packed, and for some reason, the dog was quite content with going outside. Call of nature, no doubt.

What a ridiculous animal.

But so endeth my little interlude in Southern California. I'm pretty apprehensive about going back to Chicago and starting the next school year, but I figure I have no choice but to get over it. I just need to really get my ass in gear.

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