Despite It All

Fri Jul 04 2003 02:26AM -0800
"It's not all fucked!" â€â€Jim, from "28 Days Later."

So I go watch a horror movie for inspiration. (OK, really, for escape.) In Burbank. Back to the beginning, indeed. Reminds me of high school days, before Starbucks and In and Out and Barnes and Noble. We would park at the Media City Center and walk to the AMC on Palm Ave. When I got carded for a rated R movie when I was 16 years and 10 months old. (I think we were trying to watch "CB4")

(By the way, I liked "28 Days Later." Really artistic for a zombie movie. And, while I recognize that it's not an allegory, there are a lot of interesting ways to interpret certain symbols which I will not elaborate on to make myself seem smarter than I really am. Sure, they've done it all before, with "Omega Man," "Dead Alive," "Resident Evil," etc., etc., but not with as much style.)

But, hey, I am still restless. I cannot seem to get things right. It's almost 3am. I really shouldn't try to be coherent at this hour.


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