Sat Jun 28 2003 12:13PM -0800

Ah yes. It is officially afternoon, and I am technically still in bed, unshowered, and so unready to go anywhere. This despite the fact that the sun is shining bright overhead. (Although, I must say, the smog is pretty disgusting. I can barely make out the Verdugo Hills right now.)

I am trying not to think of certain things. I will leave it at that. Although, of course, that means precisely that I can't help but think of them. (To oppose something is to maintain it, etc., etc. Curse the yin and yang of the Tao, and the Laws of Thermodynamics. I am now officially blathering.)

So the more and more I vent my story, the more ridiculous it seems, but the more it stays lodged in my mind, and while I've never been an advocate of selective amnesia, sometimes you've just got to stop.

Think happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts.

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