Tangents (and Still Barely Even Touching Upon It)

Thu Jun 26 2003 11:16AM -0800

I am listening to " Ex-Factor" by Lauryn Hill as I make a copy of " The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" for, of all people, N. (But I do understand the pain of losing CDs. This is the reason why I bought an iPod, why I back up my mp3 collection to an auxillary hard drive, and why I've begun to hide all my CDs.) But (to quote Douglas Adams) this is not my story. I swear.

So last Saturday, a bunch of us decide to go karaokeing (did I conjugate that right?) and JM decides to sing this song (he can also do a quite stirring rendition of Madonna's "Crazy for You") and I mention to A that this song is quite illustrative of the lives of two people we know (namely, S and R, one of the many reasons why our group of friends has fissioned apart) and there was going to be a point to this little anecdote, but because I have managed to crash my computer twice now typing this entry (is this a sign?), I will just fuggedaboudit.

Heh. But, yeah. Resolution: no drama, just flow. Wish me luck.

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