Voices in My Head

Thu Jun 05 2003 01:02PM -0600
1: Eventually, you won't feel a thing.

2: Excellent.
I didn't dick you. You dicked yourself.  TG, U.S. and European History teacher, on explaining why certain grades are given.
This is where I say I've had enough

and no one should ever feel the way that I feel now.

A walking open wound,

a trophy display of bruises

and I don't believe that I'm getting any better.

 Dashboard Confessional "Saints and Sailors"
Ha ha!  Nelson Muntz, from "The Simpsons"

Am I being melodramatic? Most undoubtedly. But such is life.

Postscript: 01:20p CDT

I have mentioned my fluid theory of inspiration before (embedded somewhere in that old, long, meandering post) and I've got to say, I feel like I'm running low on fluids right now, I've got to conserve, let the pressure build. Lately I've had nothing to say except to bitch and moan about the ludicrousness of my life. So I promise that the next post will be something else, even if it won't be a while. Although, I've got to admit, the last time I said I'd take a break from posting, it didn't take too long for me to start bitching and moaning again. (Well, we'll see. I think I'll probably post my scattered, unfocused thoughts on "The Matrix Reloaded," and then hopefully that'll be it for a while.)

Post-Postscript: 06:55p CDT

I've been looking for sunshine all my life

Could it be that rain is all there is

Well do you know I've heard it all before

C'mon I know there's more to life than this

â€â€from "Dolomite" by Si Sé

...heard while trekking through the Chicago Loop, which I might describe more verbosely later.

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