If Seurat Had Written A Blog

Mon May 26 2003 03:12AM -0600

At 3am, there are very few things that one can utter, much less write, that would make coherent sense.

Why is it that when you find yourself trapped in a dead end, instead of doing the sensible thing and making your way out of it, you perseverate and claw futility against the wall?

My life sucks, and it seems like the only way out of this is to not give a damn and stop feeling a thing.

And, sadly, it seems like it has been a long time since I've just hung out and not played any ridiculous subliminal games. I am homesick for very specific things.

There are worse things than pain. The opposite of love is not hate. It is indifference. Nathaniel Hawthorne said so.

This would be a great time for God to prove that he exists, and is indeed as merciful as they all say he is.

Very applicable quotes from Homer Simpson: "Trying is the first step toward failure." and "You tried your best, and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try."

I am not normally this pessimistic about life (although, yeah, I am a "glass is half empty" kind of guy.) But life is very good about trying to change your mind, I think.

As my oldest friend is wont to say (this is his personal mantra, I think): Fuck it.

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