Curiouser and Curiouser

Sat May 17 2003 09:27PM -0600

I am having a strange day. But I won't talk about it right now. (I have a feeling I'll have plenty to talk about tomorrow.)

But I watched "The Matrix Reloaded" again today, and, let me tell you, the Wachowski brothers are not subtle when it comes to foreshadowing. (My roommate and his girlfriend are currently watching the original "The Matrix" as I type. The change in tone is a little palpable.)

Anyway. Random details about the freeway again. One of the exit signs mentions Peterson Ave and Cumberland Road (exits off of the Edens Expressway and the Kennedy Expressway in Chicagoland, respectively). Another set of exit signs mention Marsh Road, Woodside Road, and Whipple Avenue, which are exits off of the real US-101 on the Peninsula (in the San Francisco Bay Area). And, yes, one of the exit signs does say Wacker Drive. Incidentally, they use an Interstate shield instead of a US Highway shield for the 101. (Yes, I am also a roadgeek.)

That is all for now.

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