The Matrix Reloadedâ€â€Unreal City (SPOILERS!)

Fri May 16 2003 09:25PM -0600

Yes. I have seen the glory.

I think I shall go mad before November.

No, don't worry, I won't discuss the plot. It's all out there anyways.

I will just discuss things from the standpoint of the concept of Unreal City. You should by now have heard of the awesome freeway sequence anyway (and if you haven't, well, what kind of Neo-head are you?)

In any case, the freeway in question (which the characters refer to as the 101) is actually at the abandoned naval base in Alameda, California (in the San Francisco Bay Area.) Yep, the Wachowski brothers built their own freeway. Now, there is a city skyline visible in the distance of this scene, and in real life this would probably be San Francisco, but it is edited by CG to look entirely different and enormous. (And anyway, the 101 is actually on the other side of the Bay.) The thing is, that one of the offramps from this freeway is Wacker Drive, which is a major street in Chicago (the city from which the Wachowski brothers are from, and the city from which many of the street names from the original Matrix movie are derived). And later on in the movie, in this same city (at least I think it's the same city?), you can see the Library Tower reflecting off of one of the buildings. (The Library Tower is the tallest building in L.A., and incidentally is the tallest building west of the Mississippi. It features in many car commercials, and is the building that the aliens blow up in "Independence Day".) I am just fascinated by this. No, I can't really explain why. Yes, I realize it is a little strange.

P.S., I always thought that Morpheus had no idea what he was talking about. Using human beings as batteries. Ridiculous. (And a complete violation of the Laws of Thermodynamics. I admit it. I'm a nerd.) I like Neil Gaiman's explanation of why the Matrix exists much better. In other words, the computers are using us the way that we are accustomed to using computers. I'm telling you, the dialogue and the acting may be crappy, but this is some deep profound shit here.

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