Instant Messaging Fun

Sat Apr 12 2003 11:07AM -0600

I thought I'd post this little snippet, because, inexplicably, it makes me grin. (Names have been elided to protect the "innocent.")

3rd: did you see the jlo music video that's like flashdance
3rd: is that flashdance or fame
1st: no i haven't seen it
1st: i dunno they're both gay favorites
3rd: what movie is with jennifer beals
1st: flashdance
3rd: and she's a welder by day
3rd: yeah
3rd: it's flash dance
3rd: then
1st: yup
1st: she's a maniac
1st: you know what's hilarious, the theme songs of fame and flashdance are by the same person.
1st: anyway
3rd: really
3rd: why do you know
3rd: that information
3rd: that's gross

Not that that has anything to do with anything, but I thought I'd share.

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