Paranoid Android

Mon Feb 17 2003 00:37AM -0600

Now the problem about keeping a blog is that you have absolutely no idea who is reading it. (Although I wouldn't be surprised if the FBI is. Hello there, Agent Whoever-You-Are.)

Things I have learned over the past few years: Never mention your ex-girlfriend to anyone you are remotely interested in. Which devolves into the rule to never mention girls to other girls. Easier to remember that way. Difficult to implement when for some demented reason (I don't know if there is a God, but I know that there is definitely a Satan...) almost all of your friends happen to be girls. More specifically, girls who consider you as just a friend. (What did I ever do in my past life?)

Hey, if you're reading this drek, I demand that you post a comment. Just so I know who you are (or at least, who you're pretending to be) I am getting excessively paranoid.

Here's another neat trick that I would like to know: How to tell if a girl is ignoring you or if she is mad at you. I need help. More likely, I need professional help, but my health plan isn't that good.

Why do I always get caught up in these non-situations? Why can't I be content with simplicity?

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