Fri Dec 13 2002 07:23PM -0600

Again, it is Friday the 13th, and we just had one three months ago, and I am an extraordinarily superstitious person. I am glad that I didn't have to go to work today.

So last night I finally got to sleep a decent amount, almost a good 11 hours really, to top off the week, given that between last Friday and yesterday, I had gotten a grand total of about 28 hours. So yeah, it was mostly self-inflicted, because I have refused to bow down to the fact that I really ought to wake up around 4:30am-5am in order to get to work at a reasonable hour, but I can't say that I've really regretted it. Although, I'd hate to imagine what it would've been like to have to get up this morning.

Space: The Final Frontier

I hear that NASA intends to send another teacher into space, and all of the sudden, I am taken back to that awful morning in January 1986. I was in 4th grade, and we watched the Challenger disaster unfold in real time. (And why is it that the things that I will remember all the way to my grave are so hard and horrible?) But the other thing it reminded me of was Whitney Houston (AKA the Woman who thinks she's too good for crack) No, this is not as random as it sounds. In September 1988, NASA launched its first mission since the Challenger disaster, and I remember watching the Space Shuttle Discovery land at Edwards Air Force Base on TV, with Whitney Houston singing "One Moment in Time" in the background, and it's really this memory that always brings tears to my eyes. I mean, it's really epic in my mind. To be wounded that badly, to lose all faith in one's self, and yet to try again when everyone is questioning you, and to succeed! Man.

Space Madness

Strange memories awaken when you are extraordinarily sleep deprived, and Ren and Stimpy came to mind this last call. (If you've never heard of John Krickfalusi's most beloved creation, skip the rest of this entry or read about it on the above link) "Oh my beloved ice cream bar! How I love to lick your creamy center!" And then the scene where Stimpy advances upon Ren, and Ren brandishes a toothbrush, screaming, "Don't force me to use this!" So in that vein, my fellow classmate imagines the Martial Artist Physician: wielding a stethoscope in one hand and a reflex hammer in the other. And I imagine his nemesis, the Tube Pulling Patient, who all of the sudden rips the feeding tube out of his nose and the central line from his neck, using each as a weapon. Suck it!

"I'm not crazy! You're the one who's crazy!"

We will end there today.

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