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What is real? Is it merely the electrical impulses that are delivered to various parts of your brain? What about memories? Ideas? Visions?

In our day and age, we at Reality Engineering believe these are all real. We are no longer bound by mere physicality. The Internet has shattered barriers of distance and time. Thoughts literally travel at the speed of light through fiber optic tracts that crisscross the world. As long as it can be shared, it is real.

Reality Engineering endeavors to make software development an art form, allowing entire worlds to come to life. Evolving from the age old traditions of storytelling, and synergized with mainstream and cutting edge sensory delivery systems, we hope to convince you that everything you perceive is real. As the traditional boundaries between genres are blurred, and novel media types are created, and the totipotent computer becomes tightly integrated with it all, make sure to look out for Reality Engineering. Someday we will be everywhere.

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