reality engineering
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In your hands lies the power to create reality.

Set your imagination free. Throw off the bounds of physicality. The whole virtual space of the Internet, and by extension, the fertile fields of your audience's minds, lies open to you.

The future becomes real even as you think of it. Moore's Law is in fact too conservative. The rate of change with regards to technology is no longer measured in years or even months. We are now talking about hours and minutes. Every single idea that crosses through the interweavings of the Internet, however apparently mundane or useless, becomes fuel for the rapid change our society is guaranteed to undergo.

As we increase our understanding of the complex circuitry that is the human brain, we can begin to implement the same principles in the networks and silicon-based circuitry that we have crafted to approximate Nature. It is a given that complexity generates more complexity, and in the end must become self-replicating in order to live.

Reality Engineering is the key to the complete power of creation. Let your mind reach its fullest potential.

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