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You Gotta Know When to Fold 'Em

Mon, Apr 09, 2001 11:38PM -0600

Is life just a big poker game, or is poker merely a reflection of life? Funny the things you start thinking about when you are driving, especially here where it takes forever to get anywhere. At one point, I actually forgot where I was going and was about to turn back.

In any case, now that I understand the point of betting, bluffing, and poker faces, I find that I can apply it to the rest of my life. I suppose it is a useful skill, to be able to observe someone and figure out what they know because of what they are doing. So I will try to hone it.

My energy is quickly petering out. I have to be awake early tomorrow.

But I have been using witchhazel on myself lately, so I figured I ought to find out what it does.

Word of the day: styptic

Oh, and something I forgot to mention yesterday. I swore I read in the ICD-9 manual that there was a code for "death by crucifixion." I mean, there are entries for such things as "death by nuclear bomb attack," "death by conventional bomb attack," "injury to three or four parts of the body by handgun," so why not? The closest thing I could find is E978--death by legal execution.

Anyway, the reason why is that I was thinking how going through medical school prevents you from ever being normal. This is not that surprising as I'm convinced that you have to be at least a little warped to want to go in the first place. But anyway, as I was watching a re-enactment on the Passion of Jesus Christ yesterday at Mass, when they got to the part where he's dead and the centurion slashes his side and blood and water comes out, I started to think about why water would come out. And you know what, the reason why you die from crucifixion is because you get too tired to breathe, and eventually this causes pulmonary edema. You probably get systemic edema too just from being vertical for so long. Hence the water--interstitial fluid. I guess it's a little unclear as to whether they slash his thorax or his abdomen, but I guess water would come out no matter what.

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