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End of Week One

Thu, Feb 08, 2001 08:33PM -0800

There was a lot I wanted to write, but all of it seems to have evaporated. Damn.

Last weekend was awesome, a balmy Southern California winter, with 75 degree highs. I knew I should've gone to the beach. It's dropped like thirty degrees since, which is kind of cold since people here don't really believe in turning on the heat. It doesn't even work in my mom's car.

I've basically been struggling with the ancient computer at my house, which has a nice vintage Cyrix 6x86MX/PR166+. The motherboard can't handle PC-100 or PC-133 DIMMS, and it only has one DIMM slot anyway, so I'm stuck with 32MB. I can't believe that this is barely enough to be happy with. I used to own a computer with only 64KB of RAM for god's sake. But anyway, the hard drive thrashing is driving me up the wall, and it's not until now that I finally got the software installed to be able to do anything. I was hoping to reorganize everything, and clean things up, but I don't think I can run my editor at the same time as my web browser.

I'm finally getting my wisdom teeth pulled out (on Monday to be exact) despite the fact that my orthodontist had assured me I probably wouldn't have to worry about them, particularly since I am missing one of them.

What else is there? I finally watched "Snatch" which was pretty hilarious, although I do think that "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" was funnier. The guy who plays Bullet Tooth Tony and Big Chris is my hero.

I've been indulging in CD purchasing. Despite the presence of Napster, I think it's still economically advantageous to simply buy CDs if they're good (i.e., more than 50% of the tracks are worth listening to). That's what I hate about the RIAA. They offer us crappy CDs that at best have two good tracks on them at $18.99 a pop, meaning that the record companies basically make a 10000% profit on each CD. But enough of my ranting.

Aw, crap, my mind is going to hell. I hope that I haven't eaten any prion-infested beef. I've become extraordinarily paranoid about Mad Cow Disease and I'm probably going to give up eating beef altogether. Yes, I'd rather get salmonella from chicken or trichinosis from pork. I'm deathly afraid of Ebola, too. My dad was laughing when he read a little blurb in the newspaper that said that that woman in Canada doesn't actually have Ebola. He was like, "That's great. She just has something as-of-yet unidentified with symptoms a lot like Ebola." Have you ever read The Standby Stephen King?

But hopefully I'll get this site figured out.

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