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The Legacy of the Matrix

Fri, Dec 22, 2000 10:48AM -0800

It's pretty awesome to have all this free time, which gives me this ability to chronicle the minutiae of my life. Last night I watched "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" with my dad, my brother, and my sister at the Laemelle in Pasadena, on Colorado near San Gabriel. It's a really, really long theater, and we got there kind of late, so we had to sit in the back, and my brother commented on how he felt like he was just watching TV. Fortunately you could still read the subtitles from back there.

I won't give away anything about the story. It has it's cheesy romances, but it's also interlaced with Buddhist and Taoist themes, which I thought was pretty cool. It's weird to see Chow Yun Fat in a martial arts movie though. The audience seemed to like it, cheering here and there, completely without sarcasm. My sister cynically commented that a lot of people liked it only because it was a foreign film. Who knows? What my brother couldn't stand were the completely unrealistic flying sequences, where actors were attached to wires. They would jump from rooftop to rooftop, and walk up walls, and even fight on tree branches. It just made me think that video games have pretty much ruined the prospect of making a movie with just regular martial arts, 'cause no one would find it interesting at all. Gone are the days of Bruce Lee and the Karate Kid, I suppose

Postscript: Yes, I really like the Internet Movie Database. It has saved me many a sleepless night trying to think of an obscure detail. Most of my movie links will go there first. But here's the official site: http://www.crouchingtiger.com

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