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What Day Is It?

Wed, Jan 23, 2002 11:32AM -0600

The clock is TICKING, and yet I feel as if I have to write this down so as to free up precious storage space in my brain.

So for a few people, I'm the first person they think of when they think of chaos, which I do find quite amusing and appropriate, but I just kind of marvel at it. When did I change from a "meticulous and organized" little boy (as I recall a 1st grade or 2nd grade teacher writing) into someone who regularly forgets what color his carpet is and who could probably lose a luxury car in the 12'x14' dumping ground that is his room? Or in other words, when did I start denying my own Virgo-ness? I thought people like me were supposed to be neat freaks.

The other day I had this song in my head ("Stay" by Wendy Phillips) and I couldn't get it out of there, and when I turned on the radio of my car, it started playing from the beginning, and I immediately thought of "Vanilla Sky" and the idea of living in some solipsistic fantasy, but hey, the mind is fond of coincidences--it makes things that much easier, so I let it go at that.

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