Science Fiction Done Right

Sun Aug 10 2003 06:49PM -0600

Today was the last episode of Futurama, as mentioned on Slashdot today, and I just have to comment again on how Matt Groening pays attention to details and makes the pedants like the Comic Book Guy happy. Of course, maybe I'm giving him more credit than his due, but I feel like the holophonor in Futurama is a straight-up homage to Samuel Delany, who has a similar instrument in his book Nova [entry in][ entry on] (And what is the holophonor? It's an instrument by which playing notes generates an accompanying image.) I'll really miss Futurama. Obviously, being a follow-up, it could never be as good as "The Simpsons," and I'm not surprised that Fox is killing anything with a touch of subversive original thinking in it.

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