The Sound of Inevitability

Tue Jul 01 2003 10:44PM -0800

So I am sitting on the deck outside of my sister's room (currently a storage area for all the crap she accumulated in college, as she is currently out of the country.) Ah. The power of 802.11b.

(I am IM'ing as I blog. Which is a mistake, as I have absolutely no knack for multitasking.)

Fast-forward. OK, it got too cold outside. Yes, cold is a relative term. (It's still 67 degrees, according to

I was going to be all nerdy and meditate on the nature of despair, and how it could be related to Godel's Incompleteness Theorem (and thence to Artificial Intelligence) but I lack the training and the wherewithal. (Interesting, maybe, to program a machine to feel despair when it starts running in an infinite loop. Such a random thought.)

At this point, I think I have decided to be non-linear.

In any case, I have machines on the brain, as I watched Terminator 3, which was, well, just as I expected. I suppose it was OK. Better than I thought. Actually, the action scenes were probably better than "The Matrix Reloaded." I mean, it was basically a chase movie, really. Nothing serious. Except for the "we're all doomed to die in a nuclear holocaust" theme. Which is only bad because it's probably true. Again. (Thank you, Mr. Bush.)

Wow. I cannot for the life of me concentrate. Forget it.

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