Word Salad (This Bird Has Flown)

Mon Jun 09 2003 00:15AM -0600

Today had good brooding weather. The cloudburst as I stepped off of the El platform was a nice touch.

To bite off of what M has resolved: the word of the week is "detachment."

How did I end up being involved in such massive train wrecks? (And, yes, I appreciate that it does me no good to ask such a question. I am where I am, and I have to deal with it, no matter how paralyzed and frustrated I feel.)

I just have to survive until Friday, really, and then I can go home for at least a little while. Maybe some good home-cooked Filipino food will make me feel at least a little better. Or maybe a Double-Double from In-and-Out. (Ah, yes, medicating sorrow with food. Mmmm.)

Humihinga pa. (Yep, still breathing.) To quote a resident physician, "At least you don't have lymphoma."

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