Time Marches On

Thu May 22 2003 04:20PM -0600

Yes, the academic year is ending (and, God Almighty, I have so many things I need to do before it ends) and so of course I'm getting all contemplative and nostalgic (read: my head is currently up my ass.)

Despite everything I've written thus far, I can't help but feel I haven't really gone anywhere. I mean, I feel different. To an extent. I'm pretty sure I know more things now than I did before. Yes, I actually learned something. But at the same time, reading through my blog entries, it's not entirely clear that anything has really changed.

So now what? I suppose I could just sit back, let the current take me to whereever it wants to take me, and wait, as usual. Active waiting. Whatever.

OK. I admit it. With all this free time, I am starting to get bored.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. As if I really needed drama in my life.

Bah. Enough.

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