Assessment: Acute Confusional State - Resolved

Sun Mar 16 2003 02:04PM -0600

It's a relief to know why someone is not returning your calls and has stopped speaking to you. Like when you realize that she has decided to go back to her ex-boyfriend who was playing her and who ended up shacking-up with the other woman because he thought he was the father of her child and, in general, he demeans her verbally and basically makes her miserable. (I understand entirely.)

Case closed, discontinue IV, heplock, discharge home.

It's nice for things to resolve in such a clear cut way. In the words of Homer Simpson, "Not my fault! Act of God!"

It's much better than those times when she just generally avoids you and doesn't talk to you when she can't avoid being in the same room with you. Those kind of situations leave you in a state of disarray and uncertainty, making you wonder if you didn't put on enough deodorant today, or if you suddenly grew horns, or a huge wart on your nose. Or if you're heretofor unknown evil twin did something to her in your name. To sum it up, it makes you paranoid and just generally delusional.

Oh well. Live and learn. Or, more realistically, I'll probably never learn. Someone put me out of my misery.

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