The Universe Is a Big Doughnut

Wed Mar 12 2003 06:18PM -0600

The Universe is an odd place (In the New York Times. Requires free registration.) All this talk of time travel has got me thinking.

I don't know what I'm talking about. You'd think I was post-call, having slept only 3 hours last night. (In fact, I'm on call tomorrow. That is going to be a lot of fun. Yeah.)

In this sleep-deprived hazeâ€â€I can't even finish a sentence. I keep wandering from thought to thought. But, yeah, even worse, the weather keeps transition between winter and spring. Snow one second, rain the next. 20 degree variations.

OK. It took me 6 hours to finish this entry. You'd think that I'd been drinking all night.

What it wanted to say was this: how the hell did I end up here? It's bizarre to look at the convoluted paths I've taken. And still, there are a lot things that haven't changed that it's hard to see what has.

More later, once I gather my scattered wits.

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