Whither George Jetson?

Fri Feb 28 2003 09:17PM -0600

I have given into my consumerist addiction and have bought a Palm Tungsten T, which I'm quite happy with, and I just marvel that it is about as powerful as the first IBM compatible computer I ever owned (a 386/33DX with 16MB RAM and 120MB hard drive)â€â€the Tungsten T also runs at 33 MHz(Actually, it runs at 144 MHz!â€â€2003.04.12), has 16MB RAM, and I bought a 128MB Secure Digital card for it. I remember how amazed I was when I owned a TI-85, which had more processing power (running at 6 MHz) than the very first computer I ever owned (a Commodore 64, which ran at 1 MHz) Every time I feel dissatisfied by the 21st century (where are all the flying cars and commuter flights to the Moon?) I just have look at handheld computers and cel phones and LCD panels to realize that, yeah, we are in the future.

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