So This Is Christmas

Wed Dec 25 2002 01:54PM -0800

The sun is out and I quail at the thought of having to leave this behind for the cold frozen snowfields of the Midwest, but as has been repeated as of late, carpe diem. We'll take this mutha day by day.

Once again, I am vindicated in my belief that if you don't have any expectations, you can't be disappointed, and I must say that it is really difficult to discard certain hopes, no matter how self-destructive. But it really is better this way, to Not Want. To be content, to play the cards that are dealt to you, to play for the sake of playing, not only for the sake of winning.

But Christmas Eve came and went, and the evening was graced with pleasantly unexpected guests. As I've said once before (and again and again), what matters greatly to me is family.

Ah, me. As long as the sun is out, there really isn't any time for deep, dark thoughts. Merry Christmas, and may the sunlight always shine at least in your heart.

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