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Come fast, advance, with banners unfurled, bright and burning
Bolos and spears, rocks and fists
    against cannon and rifle, gunpowder and lead
Retreat! Confusion damns us as we strive against each other
    who is the enemy? Is it my heart?
Blood stains my skin and covers my hands
but not even death can hold me
    not even death will hold me

O madness and hatred
 cold despair
my mind wanders, following twisted paths of bending sunlight,
while iron clashes with lead upon the plain of death
      while iron melts in the fiery onslaught of burning lead
Blood like a river flowing before me, behind me, below me
   and the burning fire that spurred me into battle
      dies; hope forgotten,
   binding my tongue with barbed wire
         so that I can only speak of blood, and with blood
Victory? Only Death shall triumph in this battle, and I await her scythe
        My mind falls to the sullen, gray earth,
        where everything finally sleeps.
Victory? There is no victory,
Even with a spear in his heart,
    the giant in iron armor still crushes me

Fly with me, fly at me.
With my bare hands I will fight even as I am deserted
Rejoice as Doom advances, Death approaches--only then shall we ever be free
           Can you not see that the wind of hopelessness
     has smothered the fire in my heart,
     searing it with its biting rime,
     mocking me with its frosty, insinuating whispers
Until I am my own enemy
        and the only way to win is suicide

I cannot see;
the shadows have eaten my eyes
   Oh agony, as dark Unhope
      consumes all that is in my mind and in my heart
      Oh why?! The army falters...

But! Hearts ablaze, the banners fly free!
    Advance upon the darkening tide and throw yourself
      upon the burning field of glory
          the burning field of death
      And yet fast advance we must
              And fast to Death we must
The giant, iron madness, breaks and tears everything asunder
    crushes and smothers
Until we are nothing but lead and iron
       Melting on the earth
Not even a memory remains

           My ranting commands mean nothing:
              Even with a spear in his heart,
                 the giant in iron armor crushes me.
Oh dear heart! What have they done to thee?
     He cannot go on, legs dragging
        shattered by the enemies' hammers
        dead weights
       he drowns in a pool of blood
       see him die, with no sound, no tears
            Scarce out of his mother's womb
       All the love in the world
             And yet his blood seeps wasted into the burning plain
Oh dark Unhope, the true enemy!
      Fast advance into battle
    Oh Hell awaits us with its gaping maw wide open

The tide of battle turns, rage blazing
    Bolos and spears, rocks and fists
        against cannon and rifle, gunpowder and lead.
  Our battle cry rips across the savage sky
       The giant in iron armor staggers
             but he will not fall
To arms! To arms! We shall take them with our bare hands!
      Strength against fiery lead
Even if we are ripped asunder
The giant, laughing, calls us to embrace him

One man, brave and unwavering, dances with his spear
     around the iron clad giant
Crash and splinter: steel against bamboo
The giant's sword spins wildly about,
    and he swings wide
This man, brave and unwavering
    plunges his spear into the giant's heart
The giant only simles
     He will not stop
     He will not stop
          And even with a spear in his heart
              The giant in iron armor crushes me
© 1994,1997,1999 by Victor Ganata