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Med School Ruined My Life

Sun, Jan 27, 2002 12:34AM -0600

Now, this isn't exactly a sudden epiphany here. I have been riding this train for two-and-a-half years now knowing in excruciating detail how my life would become inexorably consumed by my career, which is increasingly also becoming my identity. It sounds sick, but I actually don't mind the fact that I don't have free time, that almost all of what I do is somehow related to school, and that outside of that, there is really nothing else to talk about. Well, very little at least. I'm always pulling something new out of my ass to digress on. But that's beside the point.

Me and Ysh were taking a break from studying in the Rath. We were watching a bit of "Analyze This," which I commented was ironically appropriate, as our Clinical Neuroscience final is tomorrow. So we sat there for a good fifteen minutes, using cues from the movie as opportunities to quiz each other:

So as De Niro goes into a panic attack:

Y: "So...what's the medication of choice?"

V: "Benzodiazepines."

As we listen to Billy Crystal's patient before De Niro comes to his office:

V: "What is that? Dependent personality? Is that Cluster B?"

Y: "Cluster C."

After a while, it was making us sick, so we decided to play pool instead.

But seriously, whenever I'm confronted with the question "Beef, chicken, or fish?" what I really hear is "Prions, Salmonella, or ascending cholangitis?" Good thing I'm fatalistic, otherwise I'd be afraid to eat anything.

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