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But Not Yet

Tue, Dec 04, 2001 10:03PM -0600

Homer "All work and no play make Homer something something something...."
Marge "Go crazy?"
Homer "Don't mind if I do!!!!"
--from "The Simpsons"

So it is 60 degrees out there, which is just the average December day in Southern California, only I'm not in L.A., I'm in the hinterlands of Illinois, where it should normally be half that. I know I shouldn't even notice, I shouldn't look a gifthorse in the mouth, but really, it's quite unnerving. Besides, being carless, I can't really take advantage of it. But not counting that cold snap at the end of October, the weather really hasn't changed since September. Maybe we're caught in some temporal loop.

In any case, I find it funny that I'm relying on the presence or absence of snow to tell time. I've only lived here for two and a half years, and now that there is no snow, I've suddenly become unable to believe it's really December.

OK, no dire predictions about karma and the price of everything. I will leave it at that. But let me just say that I am in a weird mood, weirder than normal, and I want things to happen even though I probably shouldn't.

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