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Pandora's Box

Mon, Nov 19, 2001 3:56PM -0600

Etiology of the vibrations coursing through my external auditory meatus: "Lurgee" by Radiohead

Now I really don't want to write. But some sick urge compels me to the keyboard, to eject these insane, inane thoughts once and for all. Still, I have learned that "Never again" is an impossible promise to keep. In fact, it seems like the more often people say "Never again," the more likely it will happen again.

Suffice it to say that these past few weeks are the closest I will have come to a full-on Bacchanalian (although there is still this holiday weekend coming up), and I am beginning to worry about the missing minutes and hours that failed to register in my memories, mostly because apparently I have been unconscious for many of the more entertaining moments.

In any case, I feel like ever since I went to Florida this past break, I have become painfully attuned to the mere rumor of drama. Thankfully, the drama doesn't have much to do with me, but it disturbs me that I've even spent time and neuronal processing cycles to think about it. I suppose that since my life is relatively boring, I must content myself through vicarious living.

But yeah. Catharsis. I'd like to plumb the question as to why writing this crazy, vague crap down makes me feel better, but these thoughts so far are probably enough to chew on.

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