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I Don't Want No One Minute Blog

Fri, Oct 26, 2001 10:39AM -0600

Just a few quick thoughts, then it's off to sunnier climes....

It is snowing right now. Not heavily, and it's definitely not sticking, but nonetheless, there is frozen shit coming out of the sky! Ah, I just love the weather out here.

I find it ludicrous the temperature at my destination is more than double the temperature here.

Yeah, so I'm flying today, my first flight since September 11, and it seems like it shouldn't be a big deal, but certain pessimists have dwelt on the concept of disaster (yes I am one of them, but there are more). More reason to be drunk relaxed before getting on the plane. In any case, here's another thing "From Hell" [IMDb entry] reminded me of: I have two gold Sacajaweas sitting on the hutch above my computer monitor, dispensed in late May by the automated Metro Card machine at the Steinway Street subway station in Astoria. They seemed momentous at the time (although I did originally have three.... I have no idea where the third one went....) so in the very worst case, someone out there make sure I've got my fare for Charon so I can cross the river Acheron. Yes, I am morbid. No, I can't help it.

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