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I Wish I Were in Glendale (A Case of Caffeine Withdrawal)

Fri, Aug 31, 2001 01:26PM -0600

So I was overcome with a grievous wave of lassitude and self-pity this morning as I sat in class. (And I am reminded of my father's amusement at the distinctions of appropriate and inappropriate depression....) A part of me wants to ascribe it to some rational reason, but the fact of liking someone and not knowing what to do about it is not exactly a rational reason, so in the end, I blame low blood sugar levels. After all, I felt right as rain as soon as I scarfed down a Three Musketeers.

But even with my normalized glucose levels, I still passed out/slept in class and ended up dreaming about Glendale. About grabbing a medium pizza and Mojo potatoes at Shakey's on Glendale Ave. Then driving down Chevy Chase to Acacia to Verdugo Rd. so I could get home. Maybe playing with my dogs. Watching Fox News and the O'Reilly Factor with my mom. Homesickness. Bleh.

But still, who'd've ever thought I'd get homesick for Glendale. I'm not even from Glendale.

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