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Semi-Charmed Kind of Life

Wed, Aug 22, 2001 01:35PM -0600

Times like this I wish I could store up luck in a Zip-Loc bag and open it up when I really need it.

So yesterday I couldn't drag my sorry ass out of bed, recursively dreaming that it was 2pm and I had missed my quiz, then waking up in my dream being relieved that it was only 11:30am (never mind that that would mean I had missed all my classes), then finally actually waking up and realizing that it was only 8:30am, and that I was only horrifically late for my first class.

I got out of the shower by 8:45am, so I figured I'd go have breakfast at the school's cafeteria before the next hour started, and lo-and-behold, I found that I wasn't the only one who that idea.

Turns out that our Pathology professor had somehow mixed up his schedule and had completely bailed out on the 8:00am class. So I hadn't missed out on anything at all. Of course, this meant that we'd have to make up the lecture, and that meant that I wouldn't be done until 4pm, but I still thought it was a spot of random chance working in my favor, however slight.

In other news, I have just started Hunter S Thompson's Rum Diary. Just imagine if I had read his stuff only a few years ago. I would've rapidly abandoned this med school gig, gotten myself a plane ticket to anywhere, and tried to hustle my way through life by writing any sort of random shit. Ah well. It's all timing. Besides, who knows. Just 'cause I'm here doesn't mean I'll never do it. I've been harboring fantasies of skipping the country anyway.

Well, that's that. There was a moment today when I was feeling contemplative, but now it's pretty much evaporated. Maybe if I take a nap....

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