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Gods and Heroes

Fri, Aug 17, 2001 02:56PM -0600

Out of context, out of order

So I had thirty minutes to kill. Of course I ended up in the computer lab, futzing around with the idea of IMAP and other acronymic, deranged, technobabblish doodads. Not entirely an original idea, going to the computer lab, so there were people all around. And I'm a nosy bastard. I admit it. I like eavesdroppping.

"A year is a long time." He sighed then shrugged.

"Yeah, if he wanted to leave for even two months, I'd be upset," she agreed.

Relationships. Well.

It's kind of funny to juxtapose this with yesterday's entry about the plasticity of time and distance but who am I to argue.

So I finished American Gods by Neil Gaiman today. I don't know why I can't savor these things. I just had to rip right through it. Now I know that the whole premise isn't exactly original, going back to the golden age of science fiction/fantasy, but what it reminded me most of is The Long, Dark Tea Time of the Soul by Douglas Adams of whom, incidentally, Neil Gaiman had written a biography of entitled Don't Panic. Not that these things are necessarily related, it's just that my mind works by clumping things together. In any case, I'm finding that I'm a little fond of the Norse pantheon, particularly of Odin and Loki. For some reason, I can relate to these guys' stories. But then again, maybe I'm just a megalomaniac.

Ah well. I am at a nadir right now. (Sorry, I love that word for some reason. Nadir. Not that I'd name my kid that or anything, although I'm sorry to admit, I've thought about it. But I'm getting ahead of myself.) My mind is not working as fast as I would like it to. Well, it's a Friday afternoon. What can I do.

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