One, the Song


All the people gathered to celebrate
the grand festival in Komara
Awaiting the rising of the new moon
to solemnize the wedding
of the shining jewel, fair Princess Gandingan

The first ones to lead the long line
were the young maids and attendants
all carrying huge fans which seemed
to be made of gold

There came the young sister of Makaog
A lovely graceful lady leading the group

Rows of young maidservants followed
each wearing a rich silken royal malong
dazzling with all their colors

Then came Sarawrawan Sirig
carrying an umbrella made of pure thin silk
high over the head of the princess

Now let us stop here at the end of the long parade
To gaze upon the beautiful princess
So bright that the sun seems to have lost its rays

from the Daragen, "Princess Gandingan"

The Storyteller and the Daughter of the Sultan

Prince of Bembaran