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Zzap! (The Beauty of Resignation)

Fri, Apr 06, 2001 3:41PM -0600

I think my school may very well have been hit by lightning, but who am I to foment such unfounded rumors.

Despite my celebration of laziness, sloth, and outright sloppiness, I am, paradoxically, a perfectionist. A perfectionist who realizes that perfection is impossible. In other words, insane. But don't tell a psychiatrist. He'll order electroconvulsive therapy on me. (Did you know that ECT is a more common procedure than tonsillectomy and hernia repair? We live in a scary, scary world.)

So I have tried to redesign this site, and have ended up with something that I am just as dissatisfied with. It's like wriggling around trying to find a comfortable position for sleeping when you have a knife in your back. Bleh. Double bleh.

Anyone know how to make $1000 fast without endangering my loan from the federal government?

Enough of my raving. I will close my eyes and think happy thoughts.

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