FF8 FMVs on your PC HOWTO

This document describes how to extract the STR files (a common file format for FMVs on the Playstation) from Final Fantasy VIII. It is maintained by Victor Ganata<aswang@earthlink.net> Please e-mail if there are any mistakes or if you have any other questions.

Click here for a quick reference guide.



NOTE: Extracting the STR files will require familiarity with the command line (the DOS prompt).

  1. Unzip the archives using whatever tool you wish (WinZip, PKZip, GNU unzip, etc.) I recommend unzipping ff8cdutil.zip to the directory (the folder) you wish to extract the STR files to, as there is no way to specify this. e.g., C:\PSX
  2. Drop to DOS (Start-->Run; type in "command.com"; Click on OK) Change directories to where you extracted ff8cdutil.zip e.g., type: cd \PSX
  3. Insert the disc which you wish to extract FMVs from.
  4. Type: ff8cdfnd D:ff8discN.img

    This will generate ff8cdadr.ini, which contains the exact addresses for the beginning of each FMV. ff8cdfnd will echo a string of dots and a hexadecimal number for every 16777216 bytes it traverses (every 0x01000000 bytes) to standard output.

  5. Type: ff8cdstr D:ff8discN.img X-Y

WARNING: Each disc contains between 200 MB to 373 MB of FMVs. Make sure you have enough disc space! ff8cdstr does not seem to complain if you run out; it will just truncate the file.

You are now ready to play the resulting .STR files with PSXPlay. The interface to PSXPlay is relatively intuitive, so I'll leave you to figure it out for now. It has the ability to convert the .STR file to .AVI as well.

Quick Reference Guide

After you have extracted ff8cdutil.zip to the desired directory...
ff8cdfnd D:ff8discN.img
where D: is the drive letter of your CD-ROM
and N is the number of the disc (1-4)
ff8cdstr D:ff8discN.img X-Y
where D: is the drive letter of your CD-ROM
N is the number of the disc (1-4)
X is the first FMV you wish to extract (from 0 to m)
Y is the last FMV you wish to extract (from 0 to m)
m depends on which disc you are extracting from
disc 1 contains 31 FMVs (numbered 0 to 30)
disc 2 contains 34 FMVs (numbered 0 to 33)
disc 3 contains 32 FMVs (numbered 0 to 31)
disc 4 contains 7 FMVs (numbered 0 to 6)

See the FMV listing below

FMV List

The filenames are in the form ff8xNXX.str

where N is the disc number
and XX is the index (0-m)

Disc 1

Filename Size Description
ff8x100.str 7.33 MB Welcome to Balamb Garden
ff8x101.str 4.48 MB Introducing Quistis Trepe
ff8x102.str 3.63 MB Introducing Zell Dincht
ff8x103.str 24.6 MB Landing on Dollet's Shores
ff8x104.str 4.84 MB Introducing Selphie Tilmitt
ff8x105.str 25.0 MB The Communications Tower
ff8x106.str 964 K X-ATM092 crushing a car
ff8x107.str 24.3 MB Withdrawal from Dollet
ff8x108.str 7.26 MB Introducing Rinoa Heartilly
ff8x109.str 31.2 MB Waltzing in the Ballroom at Balamb Garden
ff8x110.str 8.83 MB President Deling's Train and the Resistance's Train: Converging
ff8x111.str 10.4 MB President Deling's Train and the Resistance's Train: Diverging
ff8x112.str 1.03 MB The Television Station
ff8x113.str 367 K Technical Difficulties
ff8x114.str 8.07 MB Welcome to Galbadia Garden
ff8x115.str 6.72 MB Introducing Irvine Kinneas
ff8x116.str 3.38 MB Deling City Station Entrance
ff8x117.str 19.9 MB Introducing Edea Kramer
ff8x118.str 4.30 MB Edea and Rinoa
ff8x119.str 2.73 MB Deling City Throngs
ff8x120.str 9.01 MB Iguion Comes to Life
ff8x121.str 18.6 MB Dancers at the Parade
ff8x122.str 3.18 MB The Parade Floats
ff8x123.str 12.3 MB Seifer Almassy, Knight of the Sorceress
ff8x124.str 12.9 MB Preparing for the Hit
ff8x125.str 2.93 MB The Trap is Sprung
ff8x126.str 2.28 MB A Shot
ff8x127.str 6.88 MB Time for Plan B
ff8x128.str 9.68 MB Seifer and Edea
ff8x129.str 16.8 MB Shards of Ice
ff8x130.str 65.0 MB Intro Animation

Disc 2

Filename Size Description
ff8x200.str 10.1 MB Desert Prison: Cargo Lift
ff8x201.str 6.25 MB Desert Prison: Exterior Shot
ff8x202.str 7.42 MB Desert Prison: Walkways
ff8x203.str 10.1 MB Desert Prison: Drill Down
ff8x204.str 3.76 MB Galbadian Missile Base: Launch
ff8x205.str 4.93 MB Galbadian Missile Base: Self-Destruct, Mission Complete
ff8x206.str 2.33 MB Galbadian Missile Base: Self-Destruct, Mission Failure
ff8x207.str 3.58 MB Missiles in Transit: Zenith of Trajectory
ff8x208.str 8.56 MB Missiles in Transit: Locked on Target
ff8x209.str 5.09 MB Balamb Garden: Transformation
ff8x210.str 9.33 MB Balamb Garden: Lift Off
ff8x211.str 13.5 MB Balamb Garden: Evasive Action
ff8x212.str 7.53 MB Balamb Garden: Target Destroyed
ff8x213.str 8.56 MB Balamb Garden: In Flight
ff8x214.str 11.9 MB Balamb Garden: In Flight with Rinoa
ff8x215.str 2.69 MB Balamb Garden narrowly avoids the Town of Balamb
ff8x216.str 3.36 MB Balamb Garden takes to the Sea
ff8x217.str 3.38 MB Balamb Garden afloat
ff8x218.str 5.74 MB The Long Ships of the SeeD's of the Sorceress
ff8x219.str 9.59 MB Balamb Garden crashes into Fishermen's Horizon
ff8x220.str 3.38 MB Fishermen's Horizon
ff8x221.str 1.70 MB Galbadia Garden sighted
ff8x222.str 2.69 MB Galbadia Garden airborne
ff8x223.str 6.41 MB Collision course
ff8x224.str 7.42 MB Galbadians board Balamb Garden by motorbike
ff8x225.str 6.72 MB Rinoa falls
ff8x226.str 2.69 MB Balamb Garden grazed by Galbadia Garden
ff8x227.str 1.70 MB Galbadia Garden comes back around
ff8x228.str 2.69 MB The Gardens interlocked
ff8x229.str 15.5 MB Galbadians board Balamb Garden by jetpack
ff8x230.str 2.69 MB Galbadia Garden pushes Balamb Garden
ff8x231.str 3.04 MB Ramming
ff8x232.str 7.35 MB Battle on the Deck
ff8x233.str 26.6 MB Squall commandeers a jetpack

Disc 3

Filename Size Description
ff8x300.str 4.44 MB Esthar City Revealed
ff8x301.str 10.5 MB Esthar City: Transport: The Party First Arrives
ff8x302.str 2.37 MB Esthar City: Transport: The Party Departs
ff8x303.str 2.37 MB Esthar City: Transport: The Party Returns
ff8x304.str 2.39 MB Esthar City: Palace: Arrival
ff8x305.str 2.39 MB Esthar City: Palace: Departure
ff8x306.str 2.48 MB Lunatic Pandora Research Lab: Elevator
ff8x307.str 6.72 MB Lunar Gate: Launch
ff8x308.str 1.70 MB Escape Velocity
ff8x309.str 16.3 MB Spacestation: Arrival
ff8x310.str 2.69 MB Surface of the Moon
ff8x311.str 7.08 MB Pod tethered
ff8x312.str 5.09 MB Lunatic Pandora over Esthar City
ff8x313.str 13.7 MB Lunatic Pandora over Tear's Point
ff8x314.str 2.37 MB Pod avoiding debris
ff8x315.str 5.74 MB Adel and the Lunar Cry
ff8x316.str 5.24 MB Escape Pod separating
ff8x317.str 2.04 MB Rinoa stranded in space
ff8x318.str 2.04 MB Rinoa losing consciousness
ff8x319.str 3.65 MB Rinoa unconscious
ff8x320.str 6.19 MB Odine Bracelets
ff8x321.str 6.28 MB Auxillary oxygen tank activated
ff8x322.str 2.04 MB The Lunar Fall
ff8x323.str 4.48 MB Rinoa and Squall in space
ff8x324.str 13.4 MB Ragnarok
ff8x325.str 712 K Ragnarok: Hatch Opens
ff8x326.str 9.21 MB Squall frees Rinoa
ff8x326.str 2.93 MB Ragnarok assaults the Lunatic Pandora
ff8x327.str 8.43 MB Estharian ships launch
ff8x328.str 8.88 MB Ragnarok breaks through the Lunatic Pandora
ff8x329.str 14.0 MB The Lunar Fall lands
ff8x330.str 22.3 MB Monsters of the Lunar Fall

Disc 4

Filename Size Description
ff8x400.str 8.76 MB Adel is freed
ff8x401.str 28.2 MB Space-Time breaks apart
ff8x402.str 6.41 MB Ultimecia's Castle
ff8x403.str 5.06 MB Ultimecia's Castle: Throne Room
ff8x404.str 97.5 MB Squall stranded in the Desert; Space-Time Collapses: Rinoa in the Ballroom
ff8x405.str 68.7 MB Credits and Final Scene
ff8x406.str 159 MB Credits and Camcorder Takes