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I remember white outlines on a black background, kind of like a blueprint being drawn before my eyes. I don't know. Like a concept diagram. There was a road, or a railway. I know: as if reality were being generated as I cast my eyes upon it. More concretely, like a primitive 3D shooter (like Doom, or Counterstrike) whose graphics engine relied only on vector tracings, and which could not keep up with realtime. I suppose, if I really knew what I was doing, I would try to approximate it with a Flash animation, but such as it is.

I also remember the Black Iron Prison. I have seen its shape and outline. To know that my spirit can roam outside its walls only while I dream was heartbreaking. To know that it is my inability to trust another person that is holding me down is absolutely dispiriting.

Maybe I could also see the San Gabriel Mountains (the mountains behind Downtown L.A. that are sometimes snowcapped during the winter) Which also reminded me of the picturebook that comes with certain versions of Kid A by Radiohead.

I also thought of myself wandering around in the dark, shooting up flares every minute or so, and in that brief space of time I could see the entire outline of my life, everything was so glaringly, almost blindingly illuminated. And then it would flicker out, and I would have to shoot up another flare. And I despaired of the time when I would finally run out of flares and have to wander around in complete utter darkness.

Finally, I thought of the Man with the Unhealing Wound finally succumbing and dying in the forest, up against a stone, unmourned, and completely forsaken. In a couple of days, the squirrels started gnawing on his frozen corpse. No one cared.

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