Web development using nothing more than a text editor get tedious after a while, even if you're not doing anything fancy like Javascript or Flash. So I started using XML and XSLT just for preprocessing purposes. Maybe it's overkill, but it's been a learning experience.

tools I use:

  • GNU Emacs with PSGML. For all my text editing needs. Like a lot of GNU tools, the learning curve is steep. It seriously took me a while to figure out how to exit the program. I probably don't use even 1% of all its features, but I'm not sure I can get along without it now.
  • Xalan-C, an XSLT processor. It also requires Xerces-C, Apache's XML parser.
  • Perl. Just for preprocessing tasks that I can't do with XSLT, as my current web host doesn't let me use my own CGI scripts.
  • GNU Make. Although it took me a while to figure out how makefiles work, it was worth it.

I will eventually post actual source code examples someday.

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