Non Possum Sperare
Drown My Sorrow
Moving On
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Moving On

June 1999; 19991129-0008-06
There was no way around that swirling dark circle
  of tears, tears, and silent regret worn like full plate armor
         Impelled was I
          like some knight, faith wavering
           with a geas I could never understand
         like a starship speeding into the gaping maw
           where no light escapes, and all dreams end
             like Odysseus, caught in the whorl of Charybdis
             as Scylla bites and snaps
  Shattered into splinters,
     my soul lies torn open upon the cold, grey sand
       as the quantum foam flows through my quivering fingertips
     I am gored upon your flashing sword
                     I was warned
                     I did not heed you
      Looking back at those tear drenched memories
                         the stillness and the silence
       Trapped by my foolishness against the steel around your heart
              Like some kind of nightmare
              where I lie broken and pinned by a boulder on my chest
Wanting to escape, yet knowing that to struggle would only do more harm
        Looking back, wondering,
                  I still feel it
                whatever it might have been
       I had given it a name, deep inside my heart
         and I've been wanting you to name it all these days
            so I might know,
            so I might at last live,
       so I might go on
        and think of you as just a memory.
©1999 by Victor Ganata