Summer 1992; 19921223 20000110
A dream, a wish, and silver tears
my poor heart quakes with silent fears
   The zephyr sings of what can't be
   'til nevermore let my heart soar
   until the stars fall from the sky
a dream, a wish, will never die

Oh let me gaze into your eyes
dark pools of shadowed mystery
where dreams shine forth and fires burn
your fiery smile sears my poor heart
electric fires dance through my mind
I dream to kiss your crimson lips
To taste your soft, sweet crimson lips
But dreams are what will never be
I sigh for dim reality
Oh let me breathe your redolence
Oh let me touch your silken hair
Your soft and silken sable tresses
That fall in waves just like the Sea

Oh let me keep this single dream
To stand before the cold cruel world
   The zephyr sings of what can't be
  I'll dream until infinity
©1992 by Victor Ganata