Summer Memory

19921020 19921105

Oh, see the sunlight's play upon
the sapphire glaze of Western Sea
as fires dance across the sky
and daylight fades to memory

Just kiss the fiery, flaming wind
that whispers of what cannot be
and touch the fragile crystal sky
and dream into infinity

Oh, breathe the soft and fragrant air
that reeks of pleasant hopes and dreams
Dreams burn like stars upon the sky
and naught is ever what it seems

O, vide ludem lucis solis super
vitrum illitus sapphiro Occidentalis Aequoris
dum ignes saltant trans aethere
et lux diei marcescit in memoriam

Modo osculae igneum, flammantem ventum
qui susurrat de eo quod non potest esse
et tange fragilem crystallinum caelum
et somnia in infinitem

O, spira mollem suaveolentem aerem
qui olet amoenas spes et somnia
Somnia urunt instar stellae super caelo
et nihil est umquam id quid videtur

© 1992 by Victor Ganata